Advertising Specialties

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Rent our 15 Foot High Attention Getter for your next promotion!
Includes Blower, 15′ x 3′, White with Red Letters.


This game of chance allows you to drop three discs and see where they fall in the five slots marked 1-5 to determine the winner. Available in Red or Blue.
Unit is 2′ wide x 4′ high with fold out legs


Towable 1 7/8” ball
Displays 5 lines of copy
Not Lighted


4′ x 8′ Lighted Portable Sign
Towable 2″ ball
2500 watts
Displays 4 lines of copy


Raffle Drum (large) $19.00
Raffle Drums are traffic builders! Perfect for special events, door prizes, tradeshows, and so much more!
Our raffle drum features easy turning for thorough ticket mixing. Size: 21″ Long, 15″ Diameter.


Solar Powered

2″ Ball Required to Tow

Easy Programable or Use Pre Programed Massages


Colorful Air Dancers are visually dynamic and an economical attention getter! The breeze will help your dancer twist, sway & dance making sure your special sale or event is noticed! To create additional IMPACT rent multiple air dancers!
Sky Dancer / Fly Guy 20′ Tall, Single Leg includes Blower. Multicolored and features arms & head.

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