Inflatable Games

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This inflatable play structure takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with stamina-building climbing and descending slide! The Obstacle course provides hours of enjoyable physical activity.
Length: 30', Width: 11', Height: 12', Weight: 310 Lbs.


This unit is For Sale $ 595.00



Similar to a Car Wash this ride promises Hours of Good Clean Fun! This summer-time ride is bound to stir up some excitement! 10'x20'x8' Inflatable Weight: 155 lbs.


Teams play and hide around the inflatable obstacles. Our laser tag game and guns can be used inside our outside.
Rental includes: 6 Laser guns w/ batteries, 6 Obstacles, 2 Wedges, 2 Cylinders, 2 tombstones, 1 Blower, in 2 Carry Cases. A second set of 4 obstacles available for $49.00. An additional set of 2 guns available for $69.00.




This fun filled game will have them all smiles! This inflatable unit includes 6-balloon balls, blower, 6-extra balloons, ground cover & 9 small balls. The object is to knock the balloon balls (Planets) out of orbit or off of the air stream using the smaller balls.

This unit is For Sale $ 995.00


A pony race for those little & “big” children. Rented in pairs.
Recommended Sizes:
Small Bouncer: 3 to 6 years of age
Medium Bouncer: 7-10 years of age
Large Bouncer: Teens & Adults


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Limber up that throwing arm! Quarterback Blitz keeps the pigskin flying!
QB Blitz game rental includes 6 footballs.
Game Dimensions: L 15'8″ x W 15' x H 14'7″, Weight: 260Lbs.


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This ingenious design allows competition in six classic sports simultaneously! Perfect for carnivals & community events this unit installs quickly and has a compact footprint–imagine, 6 games in only 924 square feet. The unique pentaradial star shape allows each activity maximum interaction & full-tilt ACTION!
Game Dimensions: L 32'9″ x W 28' x H: 21', Weight: 383Lbs.
The inflatable World Sports multi-game unit has a 1 HP Blower is neatly and discreetly hidden inside the unit for maximum safety and installation ease.
World Sports Game Rental includes; 2 basketballs, 2 soccer balls, 2 footballs, 6 baseballs, 1 bat, 2 frisbees and 6 darts.

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