Deep Fryer – Double Basket


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Whether you own a sports bar, restaurant, food truck, concession stand at a carnival or having a backyard event, we have the perfect unit to allow you to fry up your signature entree, appetizer or side dish with confidence!  Deep fry potatoes, chicken, fish or french fries to perfection in our propane fueled fryer.  Fryers can produce 1  1/2 to 2 times the weight of oil it can hold.  So, a 40 lb fryer can produce 80 lbs of French Fries per hour, under ideal conditions ~ Yum!


  •    1 – Floor Style Fryer
  •    2 – Baskets


Items rented separately:

  •    RC # 8511       40 lb Propane Tank with Propane Fill
  •    RC # 8509    100 lb Propane Tank with Propane Fill



  • 2 Basket 90,000 BTU LPG / hr burner — cooks 63 lbs of fries/hour
  • Thermostat allows temperature range from 200 degrees to 400 degrees
  • Auto reset high-limit control shuts fryer down if shortening exceeds max. temps
  • Weight:    161 lbs